TTT Damagelogs don't work for custom ulx groups?

I use this for my server and I recently added a moderator group to my ULX. I’ve changed the config so that moderators have 4. Which is “Can always use the damagelog”. That is it exactly. Except moderators can’t use the RDM manager. Admins and up can but I want moderators to be able to as well. What file and what do I have to change?

Let us see your config file so we can help

addons/damagelog/lua/config/config.lua. Post that here in [noparse][lua][/lua][/noparse] tags.

Na he’s talking about the rdm manager tab, you have to enable it for the moderator rank in ULX permissions.

In the new MySQL version you also have to enable it in the config.

It was in the other tab in the ulx permissions…
Thank you so much!