TTT Damagelogs - MySQL Edition

A highly respected and useful damagelog for Trouble in Terrorist Town, a combination of an RDM Manager, old logs (which allows admins to view RDM from previous days/weeks) along with a sleek and well detailed damagelog, fully customizable colors to help those cheeky RDMs stand out from normal gameplay.

Github link

** About the RDM Manager **

The RDM manager is a passive system built into the damage logs that allows admins to deal with RDM in a timely fashion. When a report is filed, each party involved will be able to write what happened and the victim will have access to the portion of the damage logs involving their death. The accused will not be able to write his side of the story until they die, or the round ends. The victim can view the accused’s message and decide to forgive him or not. You will be able to veiw the report, along with any pertinent logs. As an admin, you can then take action against the participants. It is recommended that you discuss how the manager will work with your admins carefully, so that it isn’t abused, or used incorrectly.

** Media **

Colored damagelogs
The Death scene feature (video)
Shots tab
The RDM Manager tab (for admins)
Respond to player(s) reporting you
Damage informations
Old logs

Instructions :

Make sure the old version (Damagelog-master or damagelog_addon) is not installed.
Install mysqloo if you want to use it with MySQL (mysql settings are on config/mysqloo.lua)
Extract the TTTDamagelogs-master folder to garrysmod/addons/ (rename it to tttdamagelogs if you are using Linux). Configure the general settings on the damagelog_addon/lua/damagelogs/config/config.lua file.
Restart your server and press F8 (or bind a key to damagelog) to use it on your server.

“- Reported players now have to type at least 10 characters.”
I thought about asking you to add this. :smiley:

Thank you very much for this update!

Been waiting for this for a while <3

Edit: Tsk, tsk. Not even in the credits page!

Swag, good job, tommy!


[ERROR] addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:10: attempt to index a nil value

  1. shootCallback - addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:10
  2. unknown - addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:44

Dead players can speak with players which are alive!

Probably the MySQL config not being correct.

Thanks for the amazing update!

The “View Death Scene” option does not work for me. I can just hear the shots from the weapon but I wont see anything.

Do you use my SpecDM ? Redownload the logs if you use it.

Please have a changelog log so we know when you make an update.

Alright, I’ll look into it.


First error I got is fixed.
Now I am getting this one:
[ERROR] addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:10: attempt to index a nil value

  1. shootCallback - addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:10
  2. unknown - addons/damagelog_addon/lua/sv_damageinfos.lua:37

For some reasons it doesn’t happen to me, maybe something is conflicting.

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I’ll add it to github and make it so the damagelog still works if mysql doesn’t connect when I can.

I’m having issues with this version of the damagelog as well as the previous non-MySQL version.

It seems like whenever I have the damagelog installed on my server, it causes massive game-breaking issues (such as dead bodies disappearing, people who are dead showing as still alive, dead people can talk in chat, etc.) I’m not sure what is causing this, especially considering the old version used to work for me.

I am using the most recent version of TTT.

Do you know why this could be happening?

Lookin’ great!

Conflicting addons normally caused this to happen with the old version. Possiblely SpecDM or another logging system?

Also this looks great I will have to upgrade for those amazing features XD finally the reporter can look at the responces. Wish granted.

I have his SpecDM script that I purchased from Coderhire, however, the issues were happening without SpecDM installed.

The only things I had on my server at the time were ULX, custom ULX commands, a script that customizes ban message when you connect to a server you’re banned from, and a kill sounds mod (which only plays to traitors/spectators). I had been using all of these previously in conjunction with the pre-MySQL version of the damagelogs for many months without issue, so I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the newest Gmod update (which was not out at the time of me last running my server) or what. So I’m sadly not sure what is going on because I don’t think it was a mod conflict. :confused:

Another point of call is residual files as it has happened to me however I think I can at least solve some of the issues.

*** Disappearing bodies** - I know for sure this is caused by conflicting addons and/or residual files (happened on a TTT server I used to play on a year ago since then I have started developing one) I am not sure of the fix best to google it however since you are running a lightly modded version you could easily do a re-install. (I am pretty sure it happened after a GMod update as well on the old server)

*** People who are dead showing up as alive & talking in chat** - This one is a known bug with slaynr in ULX. What happens is that if you slaynr a person and the map changes they will indeed be slayed on the next map however they can still talk in voice and text chat and they appear as though they are alive (even though they will be registered as dead when the last traitor or innocent dies). I don’t known of any fixes for it other than letting you staff know and re-spawning and slaying the person it happened to.

Sorry for my brief response earlier but I just woke up and was on my phone XD.

EDIT: Also note that the old server I used to play on had SpecDM which I am pretty sure caused the issue hence why I labelled it first up.