TTT:dead body

when the
player die with an custom skin form
the pointshop, so nobody can identify of
see the ragdoll

can you maybe
post a
little more information about the problem
you are having

Jesus christ :smiley: This is TrAvKa 1337 koder (as he called him self (yea yea KODER)), he love to steal someone’s work and call it as him own thing :smiley: btw this guy is actualy jerk, he ddosing servers :>
But w/e try to google… Is it hard? Okay I’ll make all job for you.

Still not enough? Okay take this link, I found this for you -
P.S. Sorry for flame guys, this jerk stole my code and ddosed me after :\


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You lie tell your nickname in garrysmod.