TTT - Dead people can talk to living

Sometimes when a person dies, they can still talk to the living like in the above picture.
I’ve also noticed when it happens, that person is not in “Missing in action” or “confirmed death” in the scoreboard as they should be.

All help is appreciated, thank you. :slight_smile:

check your server console for errors. make sure any admin mod you are using is up to date.

this is caused by an error in the playerdeath hook. it errors out and then stops processing not only anything in that hook but also other code that uses the hook.

check any addons you have or lua scripts that use the playerdeath hook. console errors might give you a clue to where the problem is.

this was a common problem with several of the popular admin mods but i believe most of them have fixed the problem.

Yea I have a ULX module that I made which uses the playerdeath hook, I’ll go check it for errors later today. Thanks :slight_smile: