TTT Deagle World Model

My TTT Deagle world model seems to be missing, its claiming vertex errors on a “reagle” model, so I’m thinking it could be a typo, not sure whats going on here.

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’ checksum 546133052 should be 574632322
Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\w_pist_reagle.mdl’ checksum 546133052 should be 574632322

Does this happen on all servers?

I know its not the server because nobody else on the server has the problem, and it even happens in SP.

Have you tried the obvious - such as verifying gmod/css?

Most people who do hex jobs rename a single character on a gun so they can have different guns in gmod without overriding the main one

sorry to bump this but yes, and its still gone.

Search for w_pist_reagle.mdl and remove in yourr GMod folder.
Uninstall all weapon pack addons and deagle reskins.

worked, thanks.