TTT Dedi Server not starting up

I’ve searched around and nothing here answers my question. So I’ve decided to post my own thread asking for some help. Sorry if this pisses anyone off. :slight_smile:

Ok, my problem is this. I’ve just setup a gmod dedicated server with the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode. I’ve done everything to the readme’s. No matter what I try, the server just crashes on startup. I have no idea why, and I’m in desperate need of help. I’m hoping one of you guys with a TTT server up and running might know something, and if this server.cfg is any good.

Again guys, any help will be greatly appreciated as it sucks not being able to use what you’re paying for. :frowning:

Thanks all! :buddy:

Uh, you might wanna take your rcon pass out of there…

lol, that’s not the real one…;base64,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

Turn log on in the server.cfg, and if the host has the option try -condump in commandline. This will give you some logs to investigate into why the server isnt starting up.

You say dedi server is this a .

-Hosted Server (Xenonservers or Ukgame)
-Home Hosted Listen Server
-Home Hosted Non Listen Server
-Actuallty Dedi Server With Remote Desktop

An actual dedi with a remote desktop. It’s on a dedibox.

Did you try?

log on

in the server.cfg


in the startup commandline?

This problem is usually caused by a Invalid map name or missing map try another map with the command line

Ok, thanks guys for your help and input, for that I’m forever indebted to you. Seeing as how hard it is to get people to reply to help threads in this day and age.

On a fun note, I got it up and working. I did the -condump, and found out it wasn’t reading the maps properly. So I tweaked it a bit and now it’s up and running! :smiley:

Again guys, thankyou ever so much for the input, it is much, much appreciated. :clint:

Told you its the maps :smiley:

Your welcome, condump has helped me fix quite a few server problems.

you mean condom? instead of condum :stuck_out_tongue:

condump as in the commandline parameter.

-Edit- Nice how you quote me and take a letter off what I say to make yourself look funny.

why not use -condebug and instead of having to go through mdmp files you just read a console.log file?

Thanks for all the help guys, I got this fixed now. Ending up I did a noob, and erm… well forgot to upload the cache of all things to my fastDL, and yeah. So it’s all fixed now, up and running. I posted a thread here in ‘server advertisement’ if you guys ever wanted to go join?

Again, thank you all gratuitously for your support, and I look forward to maybe catching you on the server. :clint: