TTT Dedicated Server Problem

The game mode seems to be working correctly, except when the weapons are supposed to spawn through out the map. I have the “cs_assault_ttt.txt” and all the others in my /orangebox/garrysmod/maps/ folder but no luck.

The console keeps saying…

It keeps saying that it is reading the script, but then gives an error at the end of the console line.

Also, I used report_entities to see if the weapon spawns were actually “spawning” and there was no indication that they were even there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Badking no longer has the ability to ship newer versions of TTT with Garry’s Mod, a recent update changed the way files work and so broke this feature. The latest release fixes this issue, which you can grab from:

Wow, I cannot believe I didn’t notice that. I guess I just saw on the top “Now shipped with Gmod, blah blah blah”.

Thanks a lot dude! Greatly appreciated!