TTT Defibrillator

Anyone got this? Would be much appreciated.

Someone mentioned this not too long ago, and some good points were brought up

Wouldn’t this take away from the point of the game? Plus, the person getting defibbed would have been dead, thus now he’d likely know who the traitor is and what their plans are. It’s very cheap and should not be in any TTT game ever ever ever.

My idea was for traitors to be able to revive one person each, and when revived that person becomes a traitor.

I have one on my server (With a custom modelled defib world/view model). Interested?

Yeah that would be amazing. Do you want to send me a PM, or do you have skype?

It’s not free though.

Hey here’s one, just put this in your garrysmod/addons folder

Take your asshat back to TF2 sir.


if CLIENT then
function terribleIdeaForTerribleServer()
LocalPlayer():ChatPrint(“This server sucks. Go take your defibrillator back to DarkRP where it belongs.”)
hook.Add( “Think”, “terribleIdeaForTerribleServer”, terribleIdeaForTerribleServer )

Constructive thread.

How much are we talking? and is this an exclusive licence? Meaning only your server has this?

It’s hard for me to believe you’ve ever touched a server. You’re just as bad as the guy trying to sell the defib shit my god.

There is tons of defib models already released all over the place.

you’re lame as fuck

He’s lame for wanting money for his work? Now that just doesn’t make sense.

a defib can be scripted with less than 10 lines easy ( yes i realise the model can take more time )and it wasn’t the fact he wanted money for his “work” it’s the context he put it in.

Well i’m sorry sir. But I don’t see how his thread has anything to do with you.

Yes. $5

Just a heads up, I wouldn’t trust Phoenix as far as I could throw him.

Phoenix doesn’t weigh much not after his pockets got emptied haha!

I remember that day Phoenix :wink:

Anyway: People charge for scripts if it’s so easy then do it for him?

Why wouldn’t you trust him? I trust him, I’ve known him for over a year.

Also, everyone stop being horrible to Phoenix, if he wants to sell it, let him. It’s not your choice to get involved and be a nob about it.

Agreed, but some people dislike the fact of selling scripts. xD

It’s our choice to get involved once he posts about it on a public forum.

Send me a defib model and i’ll make it 100% free

That would completely defeat the purpose. Obviously you would make it free, you put no work into it. Now, why don’t you make a defib model for everyone and release it free, that would make sense with your “beliefs”

Right, a moron.

You have to script it in lua to make it work, you don’t just go and make a model and then it somehow revives people. There is tons of defib models out there, by send it, i meant someone give me the model they want to use and i will script it.

Now, why don’t you think before you post and at least act like you know what you’re talking about.

Also I really didn’t even think about this before… You have to send the model to clients when they join your server… so there is no point in buying a model you have on a server because anyone can get it for free.