TTT Defibulator

You can get it here

Basically it is used for Traitors and Detectives and gives them the ability to revive them

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with it but it’s out for anyone to use

  • Defibrillator…

Did you make this, ShadowTehAmaz?

( He found it on pastebin and has made no changes, )

This code was posted on Zombiemaster first and has “icon_rg_defibbrilator” so it’s clearly stolen from you guys/Loures.

I asked the same thing on ZM but I don’t know if I got a response.

Actually kinda worried it’s my fault this leaked, since I may’ve dropbox’d it to upload to our dedi.

That sounds likely. The author of this is

The most up-to-date (and official) version of this addon can be found here:
It includes many bug fixes to do with finding corpses and displays error messages through the HUD when there isn’t enough room to defibrillate a corpse etc. as well as having a much nicer progress bar.

I didn’t make it im making it easier for people to find it if they want to use it and the owner of our server wanted me to release it here
I think he was the one who made it though

It’s cool, yo. Thought you were trying to claim ownership.

It doesn’t matter to him at all

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And no im not so if you guys wanna improve it or something just message me or somethin