TTT Detective model every round

So after not being able to figure anything out from Google or my own thread, I became even more determined to get this done.

After a few days of watching unrelated tutorials and learning Lua a tiny bit better each time, I came to the realization of what I was doing wrong and made my own addon to get what I needed done complete. Being so proud of my first creation, I decided to go straight to the Workshop.

Having it be my first thing ever on the Workshop, I was amazed by the attention it got. It reached some of the top addons for that day (ranked about 1-10) and has nearly 200 subscribers. I don’t know if this is typical for addons, especially as basic as mine, but boy was I surprised.

I’d like to inform the Facepunch community and all others wanting to achieve this (having the Detective in TTT be this cop model every round). If you do consider subscribing to it, please rate it up and favorite it as it means so much to me. I should probably also mention that in the description of the upload, I included instructions on how to keep it from conflicting with PointShop (conflicting, more like holstering/equipping models and not keeping it a Detective the entire round).

Check it out here:

Excuse my upload of something so basic and my excitement.

P.S. - As stated in the upload description, beware that I didn’t make the over 4-year-old model and claim no credit for anything besides the code (the small amount of code :P),

Thanks, guys!

I’ve gone through your code and some of it wasn’t necessary so I’ve removed it for you and also made it slightly easier to add a different model.
Also you had a duplicate models folder which was not needed which I also removed.
In your steam workshop description it’s always good to have a download link to the addon so server owners don’t have to download the file through workshop then extract the .gma file manually (:
Here is the download link to the edited version:

You should put It on GitHub.

I figured it’s too small of a project to do, I may as well.

Thanks a lot, will check it out later. I had an alternate download (MediaFire) but took it off because I wanted it to be a spotlight on the Workshop currently (look how many subscribers it has). Thanks, though.

Well I mean, you should put it on GitHub so others can make improvements instead of having people make separate download links. It’s also great for issue tracking, whereas the workshop is just comments.

why? I’m confused, this is simple script with a player model which has already been released. (other than the point shop extension)

So people can post issues, pull request, and most importantly, see the code without extracting the .gma.