TTT Directory

So on our server we have copied the terrortown directory over a terrortown_mod directory. In doing so it doesn’t force the materials to load so all the pictures on the f1 tutorial and when you identify it would also be purple and black checkered. How would i go about making the player actually load the gamemode and the materials?

You wouldn’t rename the game mode for now apparent reason.

I renamed mine and never had this issue, just make sure all the paths are correct in the VGUI elements.

Ive never changed the path of the materials, and could you paste your renamed terrortown.txt?

It was from awhile ago since I grew tired of TTT auto-updating and overwriting my modified one. You really don’t change anything in it anyway.

Ok well the only thing im curious about the file is should the string on line 1 be “terrortown” or the name of the modified one?

Anywhere in that you see terrortown, just rename after the new one.

But that would make it show up outside the terrortown gamemode right?

Like I said, I did it awhile back so I’m not sure about what is new/different. Just play around with it, see what it does.