[TTT] Donor perk ideas?

I am tryin to convice my server owner to remove player models from the server due to the plethora of issues that it causes. He says we need another donator perk besides colored names and pointshop points (which can buy weapons for a round). So I need some other perk that can replace player models

Can you guys give me some ideas that wont affect gameplay? I am so tired of models

Chat tags and chat colors maybe?

A Donor title. That’s it, so people can see that it’s a person that supports the server.

Lol Mr. 1 Post, having JUST a donor title doesn’t make people want to donate.
The perks behind donating is the key idea in this thread. Sure I donate a couple bucks to help our the server,
but what will I get in return?
code_gs’s idea of

is a general good idea for advertising that one donated towards the server.
Here’s an idea for you Exho, get your server owner to ask around (maybe here on facepunch) on how to fix
his broken models. In the pointshop, there is a way to block regular users from using specific models (Donor Only)
and that’s how you could fix that. There’s also a couple Donor-Only scripts on CoderHire for owners who are new.

He is either using incredibly stupid potato chip bag models, or they are actually ragdolls that he is mistaking
for player models. What’s the issue with them?

P.S. Invite your server owner to this discussion so we can actually fix your server issue instead of making you a messenger :v:

Well its a combination of large download time, model hitboxes, and having players stand out kinda defeats the purpose of the game. We need a suitable replacemet for people to donate to

Yeah cuz you have so many posts…
If you get something for donating it isnt donating its buying something.

Player models ruin TTT, you don’t wanna be an individual. Also don’t have anything that ruins gameplay like more chance of T or buy to be T for a round. That stuff is terrible. Keep it cosmetic but maybe not player models :-/

Don’t ever have “Donator Admins”. That’s definitely a perk you don’t want to give them.

Donators get a bonus credit or spawn with armor as a T

You mean Donate4Admin? Personally, I prefer a staff earning system. If you’re mature, active, non-mingy, then yeah youre worthy. If theyre donator, they dont get an extra boost in chance, but they still will get like admin donator because theyre a Staff who earned their rank, but also supported the server with donating.

That’s gameplay changing.

It is a minor change though.

You can allow weapon reskins for donators. Like donators have a katana or lightsaber.
Add a loadout menu for donators / Allow donators to spawn 5 seconds early to get their choice of weapon.

Add a gambling addon and allow VIPs to gamble.

A few donor perks as possible is the best way to go about it.

And then your server dies due to lack of funds. The harsh reality

Weapons for the round, the hell? I’d toss that, chat tags and chat color at most imo. Since it’s just one server the owner could also ditch donator benefits and pay for his hobby himself.

Donators dont need special permissions besides a chat tag. giving random people donator for giving you money with special commands is just asking for trouble and abuse

A TTT server is all of maybe $20-$30 a month if you use a decent GSP. It’s really not that hard to generate that much even with a small player base.

Why host a server if you are not prepared to pay for it EVERY month?

Players shouldn’t be relied on to fund there own severer, the owners should be funding their servers, and if they can’t afford it, then they shouldn’t of bought one.

Do you not even understand what a donator is? They donate cause they enjoy the server. That’s it. Give them a chat tag, a scoreboard tag, maybe like a flashing name, and the word donator over their head and pointshop points. That’s it. They donate because they enjoy the server, not because they become OP as fuck.

Then maybe you shouldn’t run a server if you cant pay for it.