TTT Elegant HUD

A port of a clone of a paid addon because I am an unoriginal bastard

Info on the original addon and the original-orignal addon can be found here: Wepswitch and Pickup are fairly half-assed but the HUD is decent, I put some effort into it making it look decent for TTT. So uh, the Health bar is the same color as your role, your role appears next to the box and above the ammo bar.


Just realized I left out Spec DM support, oopsies

1.) To… Boxy
2.) Health drain going up? Most people don’t prefer gravity defying huds
3.) Why not have team names change with their color? Just an idea, may not look good afterwards.
Nice job :slight_smile:

It goes up by default with how RoundedBox scaling works, I might have to decrease the Height and increase the Y axis at the same rate to have a proper bar

Please reverse the direction of the health meter, other then that its good :slight_smile:

You can also recreate the rounded box using a draw poly and a table of points to reverse its direction.

Lol, Exho, having health scale like I did really isn’t hard. Just think a bit more. Other than that not bad. My TTT version is a bit different, will be included with Death HUD in a day or two.

Yeah I know your way isnt terribly hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was just lazy

Hello Exho,

How can I add Spectator Deathmatch support? Or would you be so kind to add it?