TTT End of round. Sound File of URL


So I am coding myself a TTT End of the round music. I was wondering, should I have the sound play through a URL so players don’t need to download the sound files or have them download the sound files and play it via mp3, wav. etc.

Doesn’t matter honestly. If you do use URL, you are relying on users do have an updated version of flash.


Unless you only want like two clips you will end up using a LOT of data just downloading sounds to your client. Most people have flash, and it doesn’t matter if some can’t hear it. You’d much rather have a few clients who can’t hear it than a ton who quit your server because you spend 10 minutes sending them sound files.

It’s not a “how” thing. It’s a “which would I benefit more from.”

You don’t need Flash at all. As long as you can access the files via a direct URL (ie not a web page such as Youtube) you can do it with this


If you’re playing music at the end of the round try to keep it short and have a variety of sounds otherwise people will get sick of it pretty quickly. Unless maybe it’s a 2-second sound themed on if traitors or innocents win.