TTT End Round Music Addon not working

Ive been using a very simple addon to make it so Music plays at the end of the rounds on TTT.
However this addon plays the music but there is no option to turn it off and it doesn’t say anywhere on sceen what the song is.

I found this addon.
Which i saw being used on another server.
I configured it how the instructions told me too and i put it in my Garrysmod/addons folder.
I set up the sounds.txt file like this:

-- Artist then song name

WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loubritishanthem.mp3", "British Anthem", "The Queen")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louglitchhop.mp3", "The Fat Rat", "Unity")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louhotlinemiami.mp3", "Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack", "Benny Smiles")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loukingdonhearts.mp3", "Kingdom Hearts", "Marluxia Final Boss Theme")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louportal.mp3", "Portal 2 Soundtrack", "Science is Fun")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lousandblast.mp3", "Fox Stevenson", "Sandblast")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loucelldweller.mp3", "Cell Dweller", "The Wings of Icarus")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louiran.mp3", "A Flock Of Seagulls", "I Ran")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loustandup.mp3", "Prodigy", "Stand Up")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loucenturies.mp3", "Fall Out Boy", "Cenuturies")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lougarrison.mp3", "Enter Shikari", "The Last Garrison")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loudeer.mp3", "The Dear Hunter", "Filth And Squalor")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loudontstop.mp3", "InnerPartySystem", "Don't Stop")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loupolka.mp3", "Kevin MacLeod", "Spazzmatica Polka")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loudarkness.mp3", "Simon and Garfunkel", "The Sound Of Silence")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loumlg.mp3", "MLG Song's Remix")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louburnitdown.mp3", "Linkin Park", "Burn It Down")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louimmortals.mp3", "Fall Out Boy", "Immortals")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lougrammersucks.mp3", "Jack's Film's", "YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "rohan.mp3.mp3", "Two Towers Soundtrack", "Riders of Rohan")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lougirlsjustwantfun.mp3", "Cyndi Lauper", "Girls Just Want To Have Fun")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lounightwitches.mp3", "Sabaton", "Night Witches")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louneverletyougo.mp3", "Rudimental", "Never Let You Go")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lousexbobomb.mp3", "Sex Bob-Omb", "Threshold")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louframeofmind.mp3", "Tristam & Braken", "Frame of Mind")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "jerkitoutcea.mp3", "Caesars", "Jerk It Out")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loufuckingnerd.mp3", "Ok Go", "You're a Fucking Nerd")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loubreath.mp3", "Rob Chapman", "Breath")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loueraameno.mp3", "ERA", "Ameno")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loutheship.mp3", "Grapes", "The Ship")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loushutdown.mp3", "Skepta", "Shutdown")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "louchampions.mp3", "Queen", "We Are The Champions")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loutekken.mp3.mp3", "Tekken 1 Ending Theme")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "loupretender.mp3", "Foo Fighters", "Pretender")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "chuckle.mp3", "Chucklevision Theme song")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "lousafteydance.mp3", "Men Without Hats", "Saftey Dance")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "warwhycantwe.mp3", "War", "Why can't We Be Friends")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "englishplacebo.mp3", "Placebo", "English Summer Rain")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "crabulon.mp3", "Evil Scarecrow", "Crabulon")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "majorlazer.mp3", "Major Lazer", "Powerful")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "justinwhereareyounow.mp3", "Skrillex and Diplo", "Where Are Ü Now")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "tristamflight.mp3", "Tristam & Braken", "Flight")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "callmetayzon.mp3", "Tay Zonday", "Call Me Maybe")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "oatesrichgirl.mp3", "Hall and Oates", "Rich Girl")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "thepoliceeverybreath.mp3", "The Police", "Every Breath You Take")

WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loubritishanthem.mp3", "British Anthem", "The Queen")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louglitchhop.mp3", "The Fat Rat", "Unity")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louhotlinemiami.mp3", "Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack", "Benny Smiles")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loukingdonhearts.mp3", "Kingdom Hearts", "Marluxia Final Boss Theme")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louportal.mp3", "Portal 2 Soundtrack", "Science is Fun")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lousandblast.mp3", "Fox Stevenson", "Sandblast")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loucelldweller.mp3", "Cell Dweller", "The Wings of Icarus")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louiran.mp3", "A Flock Of Seagulls", "I Ran")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loustandup.mp3", "Prodigy", "Stand Up")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loucenturies.mp3", "Fall Out Boy", "Cenuturies")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lougarrison.mp3", "Enter Shikari", "The Last Garrison")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loudeer.mp3", "The Dear Hunter", "Filth And Squalor")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loudontstop.mp3", "InnerPartySystem", "Don't Stop")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loupolka.mp3", "Kevin MacLeod", "Spazzmatica Polka")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loudarkness.mp3", "Simon and Garfunkel", "The Sound Of Silence")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loumlg.mp3", "MLG Song's Remix")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louburnitdown.mp3", "Linkin Park", "Burn It Down")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louimmortals.mp3", "Fall Out Boy", "Immortals")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lougrammersucks.mp3", "Jack's Film's", "YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "rohan.mp3.mp3", "Two Towers Soundtrack", "Riders of Rohan")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lougirlsjustwantfun.mp3", "Cyndi Lauper", "Girls Just Want To Have Fun")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lounightwitches.mp3", "Sabaton", "Night Witches")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louneverletyougo.mp3", "Rudimental", "Never Let You Go")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lousexbobomb.mp3", "Sex Bob-Omb", "Threshold")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louframeofmind.mp3", "Tristam & Braken", "Frame of Mind")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "jerkitoutcea.mp3", "Caesars", "Jerk It Out")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loufuckingnerd.mp3", "Ok Go", "You're a Fucking Nerd")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loubreath.mp3", "Rob Chapman", "Breath")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loueraameno.mp3", "ERA", "Ameno")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loutheship.mp3", "Grapes", "The Ship")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loushutdown.mp3", "Skepta", "Shutdown")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "louchampions.mp3", "Queen", "We Are The Champions")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loutekken.mp3.mp3", "Tekken 1 Ending Theme")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "loupretender.mp3", "Foo Fighters", "Pretender")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "chuckle.mp3", "Chucklevision Theme song")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "lousafteydance.mp3", "Men Without Hats", "Saftey Dance")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "warwhycantwe.mp3", "War", "Why can't We Be Friends")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "englishplacebo.mp3", "Placebo", "English Summer Rain")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "crabulon.mp3", "Evil Scarecrow", "Crabulon")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "majorlazer.mp3", "Major Lazer", "Powerful")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "justinwhereareyounow.mp3", "Skrillex and Diplo", "Where Are Ü Now")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "tristamflight.mp3", "Tristam & Braken", "Flight")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "callmetayzon.mp3", "Tay Zonday", "Call Me Maybe")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "oatesrichgirl.mp3", "Hall and Oates", "Rich Girl")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "thepoliceeverybreath.mp3", "The Police", "Every Breath You Take")

WST:AddSound(TIMEOUT, "lourickroll.mp3", "Rick Astley", "Never Gonna Give You Up")
WST:AddSound(TIMEOUT, "louelevator.mp3", "Elevator Music")

All the sounds i use are just placed in my garrysmod/sound folder. Theyre not in a seperate folder within this.

When i load my server i dont get any errors, the Tab in the f1 settings appears for turning on and off the end round music, but no music plays.
Nor does it display the song name, or any errors in console.

I just wanted to know if anybody could help me out, I would love this addon to work! Thankyou!
You can do that with a simple script. Also make sure you put that in lua/autorun/server and add the sounds to fastdl.

Hey, yeah all my sound files are on my fastdl. As i said i had a end round music addon that worked but had no option to turn it off/on like the one im trying to add now! :slight_smile:

Also what am i adding into lua/autorun/server? the .txt file i posted or the whole addon? (stupid question but just wanted to know incase).

No if its an addon it should go in addons. I was saying you don’t need an addon but I read your post wrong. Based upon what I’m reading you want an option to turn off the endround music?

Basically yeah, displaying the song when it plays somewhere would be nice too, which this Addon says it does. I have the addon on my server at the moment and it has this already when you press f1

But it plays no music nor does it display the name on screen at the end of the round, thats the issue im having and im wondering if ive set it up wrong somehow or put something in the wrong place :slight_smile:

Return it as false. Using the script I sent you would be a lot easier for this just saying. But yeah its your choice.

Return it as false? apologies i’m very new to LUA and still not sure what a lot of stuff means.
Yeah I may have to go back to my original code which was pretty much the same as the one you sent, its just a shame because i know this one works because ive seen it on other servers :slight_smile:

function ButtonPress()
      return var false

MAke sure to make the code I sent you a global variable.


Its fine dude :slight_smile: We all start somewhere!

Okay cool thank you so much for being helpful and replying ! :smiley:

If anybody else sees this and knows what im doing wrong with the addon i linked please tell me too for now ill use the code CG sent me!

Tiny bump? :slight_smile:

For anybody looking for a fix, the only thing preventing it from working was the fact that the addon folder needed to be named ‘endroundsounds’ as the addon was looking in the wrong place as github names it something else.