TTT End Round Music

I need please Help i will add some End Round music can someone help me :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Craptasket))

Fucking lazy. Just google/workshop it.

Pleace don’t play dubstep at the end of every round.

No Dubstep i swear :smiley:
Yes i know this Addon but my LUA Features are not so much.

How to install:

Install the workshop file

Download Gmad Extractor and place in a folder

make a seperate folder in the GMAD folder call it endroundmusic

Open GMADExtractor and select the end round music addon from the list

extract the files to endroundmusic folder

you should now have some folders like lua,sound etc

drag and drop them into your server directory usualy server/garrysmod/(here)

More help then just giving you dumb ratings :wink: welcome to facepunch!

He installed it already, and he can just host it using +host_workshop_collection.