TTT EventLog plugin

Made a little plugin for my community TTT server, but it’s here if anyone wants it.

  • Easy to use GUI
  • Stores as many logs as you want
  • ULX commands
  • Flexible formats
  • Can be bound to F3/F4
  • Unorthodox installation (read the readme)
  • Settings file
  • Great replacement for “ttt_print_damagelog”

Download removed until bug fixes…

Could we get some screenshots or videos please.

Download does not seem to work?


Note - I may have changed the roles of the bots/respawned them at any time during the rounds shown to demonstrate.
Log example #1

Log example #2

Console print example (ULX !printlog)

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Stupid me, didn’t make it public. Fixed.

Does it restrict use while the player is alive and does it restrict it for admin use only?

What’s in the settings tab?

My community to be exact :smiley:

Hey boxama, gonna add it now, looks better than it did when i tried it :stuck_out_tongue: Got any idea till that other code i need will be done?


Found some errors, sent them in steam.

here they are aswell:

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/sv_eventlog.lua:45: attempt to call method 'RoleString' (a nil value)
1. Teamkill - gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/sv_eventlog.lua:45
2. fn - gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/sv_eventlog.lua:88
3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:168

!logmenu doesnt work?
and when i press f3 Unknown command: eventlogmenu


Why must i miss the edit button but press reply instead :suicide:

Same issue here, the command isn’t registered.

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Another bug, due to this

local function LogDeath( vic, wep, kill )
	if (not ROUND_STATE == ROUND_ACTIVE) then return end
	if vic == kill then
		str = pref_suicide.." "..CreateEvent( str_suicide, vic, kill )
	elseif kill:GetClass() == "env_explosion" then
		str = pref_kill.." "..CreateEvent( str_explosion, vic )
	elseif kill:GetClass() == "worldspawn" then
		str = pref_kill.." "..CreateEvent( str_world, vic )
	elseif Teamkill( kill, vic ) then
		str = pref_teamkill.." "..CreateEvent( str_teamkill, vic, kill )
	elseif kill:Nick() == nil then
		str = pref_kill.." "..CreateEvent( str_unknowndeath, vic )
		str = pref_kill.." "..CreateEvent( str_kill, vic, kill )
	LogEvent( str )
hook.Add( "PlayerDeath", "LogPlayerDeathString", LogDeath )

Players who die via fall damage are ‘in limbo’, can talk to alive players in voice and in text.

How where these obvious bugs not picked up before release? I mean it does not even work.

Im dumb

That is really strange, this hook should not effect what happens to players when they are supposed to die.
Looking into all reported bugs, none of this happened when I uploaded this.

and then get onto my thing :stuck_out_tongue:

All errors cleaned up. Download link updated.

Looks a bit like a more simple version of Tommynators. Good work either way :smiley:

Finding bugs and fixing with Box right now

I still cant use the command for some reason?

(TEAM) xXSk4nerXx: !logmenu
Unknown command: eventlogmenu]

EDIT: I dont know if this was fixed already but It seems that i still cant access it??
But look like an awesome addon you have going on :slight_smile:

I am also getting this exact problem

nice looks awesome

I installed this to my server and I cant get it working, whenever I press f3 it says Unknown command: eventlogmenu Can you help please?