TTT Events Addon Not Working !

Hi !

Recently iv been searching for TTT events addon ( Bonus ones not the basics Stalker , Bighead & etc )
And i found this :
There Are Cool Events Here , I tried to put them in the addons Folder but it didnt work & i have no idea how to make this work any help ?

Looks like it runs the events fine. Are you seeing where it says, “Round event started!”

I cant see any interaction with it :open_mouth: , i already have a TTT Event addon that a friend gave me ( which you and RoboBoy helped Fix Stalker Event , Thank you so much ) , maybe its overriding it?

You should not have multiple event systems.

but if i would like to grab the events from 1 system to another is that possible?

No. You’ll have to recode their format

Sorry to bring this thread back from the grave, but I am having a similar issue. I put the folder into the addon folder and it refuses to work whether or not I leave it in the master file or not. I would also like to state that I am only using these events and no other events.

Edit: I just forgot to reset server so ignore all this.