[TTT] Exploit with Flare Gun and spectators found

So, recently I was playing TTT. But, I just found a nasty exploit. As a spectator, if you are shot by the flare gun(easiest to do by standing in front of a T that is about to fire one), you will be lit on fire like if a live player was shot. But, that’s not the worst thing. While you’re on fire, if you spectate someone, the person you’re spectating will take damage. This can easily be used to kill off anyone without the damage being registered as being done by you, therefore providing a karma-loss-free way to kill anyone, even if they’re on your side.

tl;dr Spectators can be lit on fire with the flare gun, and when they spectate someone, the person they’re spectating will take damage from the fire.

for k, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
	if v:IsSpec() and v:IsOnFire() then

This is a known bug with the FireBullets change

Which will be fixed in next update.