TTT floating Weapons!

when i throw my weapons or grenade they float and stand still. how do i fix this issue??

This means the server you’re playing on doesn’t have CSS content installed.
If it’s your server, be sure to mount css onto the server, and if it isn’t, either play on a different server or nag the owner to fix it.

where should i put the cstroke folder??
my cstrike folder is 70 mb, last time it was 2 gb.
why have steam done cs:s smaller now? and i can run cs:s normal without problem lol.

I had this issue on my server, fixed it by moving cstrike to /orangebox/

i needed to use hldsupdatetool to download the cstrike server to get the whole folde :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, yeah that’s a useful folder to have