TTT Forever Preparing

Hello! I have a TTT server (AuthorityTTT) and when the countdown goes off instead of picking roles everyone stays preparing. You cannot do damage or blow up anything its just like a forever preparing thing. I have looked up other threads and found nothing. Thanks!

Check your server console, are there errors?

I reported this bug ages ago after the last update. I can’t believe they haven’t got around to updating the game-mode on GitHub yet.

It’s simple to recreate this bug works on Dedicated servers and Single player of course. Just start TTT on any map spawn a few bots in force a map change using console to the same / current map you are on so the server reloads it. Spawn in bots again and you will get this error. This is on a clean install before you ask…

Using the debug command to restart the round will make the error popup, you have to change the map to a different map or restart the server for the round to become unstuck (duh).

I can’t remember exactly how I solved it but IIRC that error would cause the end2prep timer to fail. It was just a bit more logic that needed to be added to the end2prep timer in the game-mode to prevent the timer from being stopped and disposed thus preventing the round from not starting.

Never had that issue before, and I can’t recreate it :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed an error that showed up in console. I realized that awhile back I installed a role chooser script. Is it possible the script just went bad?

Most likely. Remove it, restart, try again.

I was referring to what King Traitor said but yeh, try what Aeternal said.

OMG it worked thank you guys so much! Me and my staff and visitors appreciate it a lot!!!