TTT Funny Moments

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As a traitor on the map rooftops (SNIPERS ARE EVERYWHERE!) I had a scout and went to a water tower to choose my sniping spot
About 2 kills later an innocent came up didn’t KOS me I shoot him in the head with my deagle
Now this is the funny part a detective saw that I had a dead un I.D body near me, he said “DuffCreeper check that body please” so I checked it and then he said this “Thank you” did not try to kill me
Stupid Detective

I once killed a traitor.

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Oh, it was suppose to be funny?



You were worse at being funny than OP

What is TTT?

Trouble In Terrorist Town. a gamemode on garry’s mod!

I went on a rampage as the detective. I was sweeping up, just like Sherlock Holmes.

funny :slight_smile:

This is a better story!

i got rdm xD

here’s my TTT funny moment: one time i killed a bunch of people as a civilian then i left the server because TTT is garbage