TTT gag command

Would love to have a function that is just like ulx slaynr but instead it gags for the entire round and then ungags at the end of the round… And you can specify how many rounds to be gagged… Any help would be awesome!

Not TTT specific so no round support but you can set a time:

(No idea if this still works or not either)

You just need to work with the TTT hooks.

You’d use TTTEndRound and check when if at least one round has passed, and the way you can do this is store a variable on the player like so.

[lua]ply.roundsGagged = 3[/lua]

So then with TTTEndRound, you’d just do

if ply.roundsGagged > 0 then
ply.roundsGagged = ply.roundsGagged - 1
– Ungag them

On end round you’ll just want to loop through the players, and check them.