TTT Gamemode Errors - Round will not start


my TTT-Server ran for weeks without any problem but since yesterday it says “something is creating script errors”
and the following problems occur:

-A round would not start, although there a enough players on server.
-Every player is spectator but spawns as player without a role (cause the round doesnt start).
-Players wont spawn with crowbar like usually
-It says 6 rounds and 00:00:00 time left even after changelevel although 10 rounds and 60min were set in the server cfg.
-ulx (and other) commands dont work

There are three Errors printed in console:

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:25: attempt to index field 'crowbar_unlocks' (a nil value) 
1. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:25 

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:18: attempt to index field 'crowbar_unlocks' (a nil value) 
1. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:18 

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:22: attempt to index field 'crowbar_unlocks' (a nil value) 
1. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown/entities/entities/ttt_map_settings.lua:22  

And ttt_map_settings.lua looks like this:

ENT.Type = "point"
ENT.Base = "base_point"

function ENT:Initialize()
   -- Backwards compatibility: TTT maps compiled before the addition of the
   -- propspec setting may expect it to be off, so default it to off if a map
   -- settings entity exists (a reliable way of identifying a TTT map)
   GAMEMODE.propspec_allow_named = false

   self:TriggerOutput("MapSettingsSpawned", self)

function ENT:KeyValue(k, v)
   if k == "cbar_doors" then
      Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: crowbar door unlocking = " .. v)
      local opens = (v == "1")
      GAMEMODE.crowbar_unlocks[OPEN_DOOR] = opens
      GAMEMODE.crowbar_unlocks[OPEN_ROT] = opens
   elseif k == "cbar_buttons" then
      Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: crowbar button unlocking = " .. v)
      GAMEMODE.crowbar_unlocks[OPEN_BUT] = (v == "1")
   elseif k == "cbar_other" then 
      Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: crowbar movelinear unlocking = " .. v)
      GAMEMODE.crowbar_unlocks[OPEN_NOTOGGLE] = (v == "1")
   elseif k == "plymodel" and v != "" then -- can ignore if empty
      if util.IsValidModel(v) then
         GAMEMODE.force_plymodel = v

         Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: set player model to be " .. v)
         Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: FAILED to set player model due to invalid path: " .. v)
   elseif k == "propspec_named" then
      Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: propspec possessing named props = " .. v)
      GAMEMODE.propspec_allow_named = (v == "1")
   elseif k == "MapSettingsSpawned" or k == "RoundEnd" or k == "RoundPreparation" or k == "RoundStart" then
      self:StoreOutput(k, v)

function ENT:AcceptInput(name, activator, caller, data)
   if name == "SetPlayerModels" then
      local mdlname = tostring(data)

      if not mdlname then
         ErrorNoHalt("ttt_map_settings: Invalid parameter to SetPlayerModels input!
         return false
      elseif not util.IsValidModel(mdlname) then
         ErrorNoHalt("ttt_map_settings: Invalid model given: " .. mdlname .. "
         return false

      GAMEMODE.force_plymodel = Model(mdlname)

      Dev(2, "ttt_map_settings: input set player model to be " .. mdlname)

      return true

-- Fire an output when the round changes
function ENT:RoundStateTrigger(r, data)
   if r == ROUND_PREP then
      self:TriggerOutput("RoundPreparation", self)
   elseif r == ROUND_ACTIVE then
      self:TriggerOutput("RoundStart", self)
   elseif r == ROUND_POST then
      -- RoundEnd has the type of win condition as param
      self:TriggerOutput("RoundEnd", self, tostring(data))

That means your TTT gamemode’s Initialize hook isn’t being ran (because the crowbar_unlocks table is defined there) which means there’s a broken Initialize hook somewhere in your add-ons or there’s a syntax error in your TTT gamemode. If you didn’t modify any of the TTT files then it’s probably an add-on with a broken Initialize hook. No idea about ULX but it should be the same issue