TTT Gamemode Help

Okay, so I’m having major issues with this gamemode.

When I join games, I don’t download any lua files from the servers, but I dl the map and stuff. When I get in game, there is no mic icons, scoreboard doesnt work, HUD isn’t present, and the game is pretty much unplayable.

I’ve deleted my Lua folder, deleted the downloads folder in my garrysmod files, cleaned my gamemodes folder, and worst of all. I downloaded and installed the server files for the damn gamemode and still no luck. Ive defaulted almost my entire garrysmod and it still doesn’t work…

Ive also cleared my cache, deleted all addons other than PHX and Wiremod. Remounted CSS, fixed the GCF settings file, and still nothing.


What gamemode?

Trouble in Terrorist Town is gamemode he is asking about.

In Garrysmod, check your options, multiplayer, and in the custom content bit.

Either make sure it is set to Allow all custom files from server or Do not download custom sounds.
The option of do not download any custom files will also block the dua (lua cache files) from downloading, if it is set.

No idea if that is the problem, but I had that problem once after it “magically” enabled it’s self.
Only other choices if that does not work is the usual re-install GMOD, validate GMOD steam files, ect ect, but you probably already tried all that stuff :S