TTT gamemode server crashes on map change.

hi, ive got a Gmod server setup on TTT (trouble in terrorist town) and have a couple of TTT maps on the server, for an unknown reason, whenever the server tried to change the map off one TTT map to another or change to something like, cs_office for example, the server always crashes, its so bad it has driven all the players away.

the entire server is totally vanilla except for 2 or 3 TTT maps, the server writes MDMP files each time it crashes but i am unable to open them as i dont have the software (VC++ or Vstudio, ect)

i know its not the maps otherwise they would crash the server half way through the match or at map start

im trying to find a way to put a stop to the crashes, would anyone have any idea what could be causing it??

i too had this issue, i ended up deleting everything out of the oragnebox/garrysmod and running the update tool to get a fresh install and that fixed it but im sure there was an easier way.

well, with a fresh install from day 1 i still had the same problem, i just assumed people were aware of it and it would be fixed in next patch, which it didnt fix S:

anyway, i have done a fresh install (again) anyway and testing to see if the problem still exists, i wont know till some people play on it

after some various few hours of testing, this problem has been resolved.

my recommendation is that if anyone is using an Admin mod, to keep it upto date or remove it altogether as well as ive heard this causes map rotation problems as well

Which admin addon?

I’ve not even touched our TTT server in since December and it’s still running fine.

My TTT server we just started it today, its pretty vanilla minus a few extra weapons and pointshop. Our default map is on ttt_whitehouse_b2, then the second one switches to ttt_67thway_v3. The only admin mod we have running is ULX which I got it and ULIB from the latest SVN on the ulysses forums. We also have this thing at the end of the round that causes it to slow down. Thats all I can think of it that might interfer. Can you please help me?

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Oh and bender180 Im using a few of your TTT commands would that cause anything?