[TTT] Gangster / Hood language pack

Using http://gizoogle.net/ has become pretty popular on Reddit, and I thought why not bring it here too. So here’s a pastebin of the english language pack translated into

Language packs go into ‘garrysmod\gamemodes errortown\gamemode\lang’

L.aw_knf1_title = “Knife Knowing You”
L.aw_knf1_text = “stabbed someone in the face over the internet.”


Pretty sure thats just the English language file. I just compared them

Fuck me, pasted the wrong file. Oh well. Will fix later

http://pastebin.com/MBjVDkaH Did it for you, then. This SHOULD work, but I’m not sure if Gizoogle changed the identifying strings (probably not?). And yes, it actually changed the English language strings comment to ‘Gangsta language strings’.

My favorites;

“— Round status messages” to “— Round status lyrics”
“{finder} confirmed the death of {victim}.” to “{finder} confirmed tha dirtnap of {victim}.”
“You must confirm the death of this player before calling a Detective!” to “Yo ass must confirm tha dirtnap of dis playa before callin a Detective!”
“-- For navigation buttons” to “-- For mastabation buttons”
“Every piece of equipment you buy costs 1 credit.” to “Every piece of shiznit you loot costs 1 credit.”
“When your disguise is active, your name, health and karma do not show when someone looks at you. In addition, you will be hidden from a Detective’s radar.” to “When yo’ disguise be active, yo’ name, game n’ karma do not show when one of mah thugs looks at you, biatch. In addition, yo big-ass booty is ghon be hidden from a Detectivez radar.”
“Anyone still alive?” to “Every Muthafucka still kickin it?”
“The body is bruised and battered. Clearly they were clubbed to death.” to “Da body is bruised n’ battered. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Clearly they was clubbed ta dirtnap.”

The entire thing is fucking gold, though.

That is the greatest thing I’ve ever read

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