Hi, I´m Juponski co-owner of Milkshake TTT´s server, I did have a bunch of problems trying to make the maps available to download, but when they vote it changes the map but if you do not have it, the server kick you because you don´t. So how can I make the maps available to download I mean the maps download automatically when you vote for the map. And I´m sorry for my english, If I make grammar mistakes. The addon is called MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting

(User was banned for this post ("Title in all caps, thread in wrong section. Look into setting up either FastDL or WorkshopDL -" - NiandraLades))

Do you have FastDL or WorkshopDL setup?

When you say Workshop DL, you mean Have workshop linked to the server?. I do have linked my server provider allows me to add an addon directly to server just adding it to the collection.

Not that; I’m talking about resource.AddFile and resource.AddWorkshop.

Well I checked and I just have FastDL

This name, makes me feel.