TTT ghosting trick. :(

I’m a server owner and my admins have told me that all someone needs to do to ghost if dead is this; in the console:
say “Hey im ghosting, X/Y/Z is a T.”

How come that’s happening then?

some owner.

Do you have any addons that modify chat?

It’s an addon or script causing that. I’d probably guess chat tags (though no idea why you’d need those).

Thanks pandaman & shadow. I don’t use chat tags but i will have a look around and double check.

Oh and thanks for the dumb rating whoever did that, facepunch is notoriously known for being so kind.

The dumb ratings don’t always mean you’re dumb, sometime’s it’s as simple problem the anyone could have over looked.
P.s. I hate when someone rates you dumb and doesn’t explain anything or even try to help.

Yeah, make sure you check your addons and your autorun folder for PlayerDeathHooks.

I ran into this issue a while back and a playerdeathhook was causing the issue.

It seems the voicecon, and death notifier was the conflict.