TTT Glitch

So when a player gets killed by “the world” or a prop AND when a player kills themselves the game glitches and says they are still alive even after the body has been found and they can talk in the alive chat but not in dead chat. Do you know what’s causing this?

Have you recently placed any addons onto your server?

If yes, does it have a line that reads ‘if (IsValid(killer)’ or something very similar? (Possible if not valid)

I’d check out the addons you have installed. Same thing happened to me when a value for an addon I made returned nil.

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything in the addons. What type of addon would it be in or just any?

Did you install any addons to the root folders or modify any TTT files?

Alright, thank you all for leading me in the right direction. Took all day to figure out which add on was wrong lol but got it fixed!! :slight_smile: