TTT Gmod Server - Crash - 0 Crash log, anywhere!

My TTT Gmod server keeps crashing, but we do not see a log, an error, anything, anywhere. It’s really getting on my nerves.

I added a script to freeze ragdolls going past 500 velocity, and I added the collision command line.

The way it crashes is at complete and total random, and leaves behind no message except the disconnecting thing on the top right, and the server restarts without me having to.

Our Addons:
trouble in terroist town ulx commands v2
ttt_kill message

Any ideas?

There are no .mdmp files in the root GarrysModDS folder?

I’m unsure if I have access to that folder, but I do see a log viewer my host has provided me. The logs in there are the server launching normally though, chat, the TTT game, etc, and it’s split up into very small time frames.

Ask your host to check if there are any .mdmp files in the root folder.