TTT GMOD13 Large CPU usage?

Well, I’m here to complain and whine about why TTT is using almost 100% of my quad core VPS with 20ish people in the server.

It seems that this is happening to only my TTT servers and all other srcds processes are fine, this was completely fine in GMOD12 and now is extremely CPU intensive.

This is a shot of two TTT servers with one 25/32 and other one with 17/32. As you can see there isn’t much difference in CPU usage between the two here.

Here is my task manager graph of the usage from these two TTT servers

and the “stats” command run on both servers, they’re in order from the task manager

server #1

server #2

This is clearly an issue because, once the server hits 30 people, it makes everyone jitter and lag, due to the server FPS dropping below 10FPS.

The tickrate on both servers is 66, this is a quad-core VPS with 3GB ram, running Windows Server 2008 RC2.

If you’re having the same issues with your server, could you reply with what OS and CPU, I hope this information will be helpful towards Garry finding a fix for this situation. I also know this doesn’t affect just me, because when I reported it in the GMOD Bugs thread, I had multiple replies from different people also suffering from this CPU intensive gamemode.

Thanks guys.

IMHO set your tickrate to 33, it really reduces CPU usage hugely and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

The cpu usage wasn’t that high in gm12.

You will notice the tickrate difference in TTT since its a shooter gamemode, compared to something like DarkRP or PERP. And Wizard, I did state that it was never this high in gmod13.

It’s like 2% per player of cpu, that’s too much usage of a quadcore.

Still eating a lot of CPU:

You’re running a VPS, so its kind of hard to know what your core speeds are.

2 GHz is a pretty low speed processor by todays standards.

By interest do you run any TF2 servers also, and what is their CPU usage like?

From what I understand gmod should be most like tf2.

No, there is no tf2 servers.

While it is low it should be able to run a TTT server. Although Ruzza might want to look into using hardware with more power per core instead of 6-8 core systems.

Your problem could lie with your host. You would be surprised how oversold company’s will let their VPS nodes get.

It would depend how many other servers are running, he said his other source servers aren’t taking that much CPU, but which servers?

When my TTT server had like 24 players it was taking 50%+ of a 3.33GHz core.

People are missing the point here. The hardware is fine and strong enough to power the server, it’s the fact that srcds seems to use far more cpu power in GM13 compared to that of GM12.

The only time I’ve seen srcds use this much cpu before was when I used to get DDoSed.

Same here, server cpu rape, although this isn’t on TTT so it isn’t as relevant.

Holy jesus 2.0GHz, I think your problem lies there to be honest

Even if GMod 12 could handle it, that’s a pretty low clockrate for CPU-hogs such as GMod

Sure it’s low, but it worked fine before, and now doesn’t.

Having the exact same problems on my TTT server.
When full with 24 players it lags a lot, using the stats command via rcon reports cpu usage at 94.69%

I have no idea what specs or what version of windows the server is on since it is a rented server from a GSP

It is the exact same server I used with GMOD12 and it could run a full 24 player TTT game just fine.
But with GMOD13 it is laggy as hell at times.

In the server console try

If that doesn’t change anything I’ll run my own server and profile it, to see what’s going on.

I used lua_run jit.flush() via rcon (I think that is correct?)
Still shows server at 96%

At first it didn’t change anything at all, I’ll put it into my autorun to disable it and monitor my servers to see if theres any performance increase from disabling it, or it eases and CPU consumption. Thanks.