[TTT-Help] Dubstepgun as T weapon

Hi guys,
I have an problem…
I downloaded this awesome gun with DJ design.

So the second gun.

I just wanna that it have 25 dmg per hit and costs in the T Shop just 1 coin.
And i would be can buy permanently in pointshop_ultimate for VIP’s and higher rank.

More infos pls skype: sirluke.epvp

I can give money if you want and a special rank on my server. :slight_smile:
(More then 20 Visiters all day online on the same time)


Hey there, this section is for Garry’s Mod General Discussion, not dev related stuff. Please refer to the sticky at the top of the page, which explains in a few more details.

I’m going to lock your thread and kindly ask you remake it in Developer Discussion

However, as a warning in advanced, TTT does not accept any old SWEPs thrown onto it, they must be specifically set up for that gamemode. To do this, please refer to Bad King’s Custom Weapons guide.