TTT Help Thread 1.00

Hello and welcome to the TTT Help thread.
I decided to make this thread because I saw that darkrp had a thread, so why not TTT?
I also have a TTT server and sometimes I have some questions.

This is the list of things that you can help others or get help from. (This was taken by the darkrp Help Thread and edited for TTT)

  1. Lua=this includes HUD’S, lua errors, and lua code.

  2. Weapons=help people with weapon errors and lua errors created by weapons.

  3. Addons=you can ask about addons that improve TTT this includes rdm manager, jihad bomb, and ect…

  4. Modules= you can ask about how to make modules or help, you can also link people modules.
    P.S Please tell people where to put the code if you post some. I see too many people having to ask where do I put this.
    This is the list of things that are not allowed on the thread.

  5. Server Ads=please don’t post ads for your server here this is a HELP thread.

  6. Paying for code=please don’t charge money for any code on this forum it’s helping not selling.

Thanks for reading before posting. Have a nice day and have fun helping or getting help.

I feel like if you need help with TTT, you should just use the TTT forums.