TTT help

When the users die they sorta no clip but cant go through walls and doors, while the admin have the full on no clip.
This is for a ttt server.

Is this a request? Are you asking for this to be added, or is this an existing bug you’re encountering?

sorry first time on the forums with so many subject idk where to post this seemed like the best place.

I have seen this in other people’s servers where the user can no clip when dead anywhere to posses props, but in my server they no clip can go in the air ect but not through walls or doors.

Your best bet would be to code it yourself, since servers that have that have either an owner that knows lua, or a dedicated lua guy. If you’re interested in learning to edit your gamemode, you can hear here:

the thing is i think its just my server has some error causing this
When the ulx noclip is avalible to users they can noclip fully when dead but can choose to no clip people in ulx menu