TTT Help

I was wondering if someone could give an answer to why these things are happening on my server. There are two things happening.

  1. TTT keeps force changing models from the pointshop models once the round starts.
  2. Bodys disappear on death instead of ragdolling.

Both sound like you’re getting serverside Lua errors. Have you been watching your server console?

No errors in console.

For # 1 I know this problem from experience. Go to player_ext.lua,then remove or comment out line 271. (make sure once you do that you restart your server.)

For # 2 I have no idea

The TTT playermodel thing comes up very often. It is part of the TTT code.
The gamemode is meant to keep everyone using the default model because in TTT all terrorists are supposed to look the same. So you just need to remove a line from the gamemode code.

Ragdoll issues may be related to the player model. I don’t know much about that.
Which model disappears? Or do all ragdolls not appear?

I think saint is right about the ragdoll problem. Take the code from the player model that is going away after death, maybe their might be some code that went wrong their.

Wasnt there an Issue with the new update with ragdolls disappearing . Try updating your server to see if that fixes your issue, I know they released a fix to the glow but not a lot of people knew about it.

Nononono, the latest pointshop fixes these issues, there is no need to modify core TTT files.