TTT Hitbox bug

Hello facepunch community,

i am “managing” an community, but we noticed the hitboxes are bugged horrible, i looked trough google, seen many reports about it, some said its the engine itself, but i only noticed it on this server… the we spoke to the owner, and said he shall deinstall the hitmarker addon, what he did(as he said) but its still bugged, and we dont get any errors trough the console, neither trough the Control panel console.

“but we noticed the hitboxes are bugged horrible”
“and we dont get any errors trough the console”
do you even know what are you doing

Blame bad lag compensation

all the players got like a 30 ping or less…

Try setting your tickrate to 66 in your server’s startup if it isn’t already.

Like i wrote in first post, i didnt got full access, only ftp, start/stop/restart, console logs and such, no editing or anything.

if you have ftp acces you can edit tickrate in cfg

GreenGold you might were right, i ran trough console sv_maxupdaterate to check what it is, and it said 0 def. “66” i didnt tested yet if it worked, but whatsoever. i will report back when i tested.

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Works. IDK what/who set the updaterate to 0, might be NN itself. //Solved

(Fix was: set sv_maxupdaterate to “66”).

You can set it to 128 ticks if it becomes bothersome still. Although you will be putting a lot more strain on the server you are hosting from.

you sure i think 100 is max

well, Nitrous-networks says they give unlimited bandwidth, idk if its okay to put 100.

its not bandwidth its cpu usage that tickrate will affect

Ask your host to look into it for you - it’s what you are paying them for.

If you only notice it on your server and the other servers are fine then either it’s something you did or it’s something on the hosts end. Either way they should be willing to check into the problem for you and try to find where the issue is.

Please read the posts before you, had already been solved.

Im getting the exact number from CSGO, but I believe it can go over 100.

Yeah I think 66 is fine, maybe you should get your clients to raise their maximum bandwidth.

My bad. You should probably edit the OP to show it’s been solved.