TTT - How do I organise point shop items in order?

Title says it all. I want to choose the order in which the playermodels in my points shop will be displayed, how do I do that? I host a TTT server.

I’m pretty sure It’s the order you added them in. Other than that I’m not sure what way there is

From my experience it goes in alphabetical order. So you could do like
A: [model you want first]
B: [second]
C: [third]
and so on.

Lua File 1:

 ITEM.Name = 'A: Daft Punk'

Lua File 2:

 ITEM.Name = 'Barack Obama' 

Lua File 3:

 ITEM.Name = 'C: Alyx' 

If I recall, inside the vgui file for the menu, there is a line where you can either sort by price or name. ctrl f ‘name’ and you should find it