TTT HUD [willpay]

I was wondering if someone could make me a hud for my TTT server, ik there is a LUA thread, but nothing ever gets done on that.
here is a rough sketch

Payment will be discussed-
add me on steam: psn_robanator1617

Your image is broken… <-- Go there if you want to hire a lua coder.

Well il send the img, and iI dont post in those threads, cuz nothing ever gets done

It gets done. Coders PM them if they want to do it and you’re serious about it.
A good tip would be to post a working image next time and information about payment instead of: We ca discuss this when you add me.
Also there’s a hire thread for a reason, to prevent these threads with missing information.

The pic works file for me

Well, it doesn’t work here for anyone else apparently.

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here it is

still not working

here it is!

I would be interested in trying to make this but I’m new with vgui, I am just beginning GLua, but this seems simple enough to do.

There is a thread for hiring actually.

I could help you, but your design or whatever it is, is to hard to understand.