TTT I cannot see grenades after they're thrown

I have Counter Strike Source but I don’t have CS:GO. Is that the problem?

Delete your garrysmod/download folder, and disable all of your addons.

I did and no luck

Did you take out legacy addons as well?

I don’t have any legacy addons other than textures from that ••••••••• site

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Apparently I’m not allowed to say cs-cheater

Cause it’s piracy and technically illigal.

I was told it was completely legal.
Either way, what should I do?

Buy CS:S. And just because the website you’re downloading the content from says it is legal doesn’t mean it actually is.

If your friend were to log into their steam account and download CS:S, launch in once. Then you were to log in and play gmod. I don’t think there are any issues with that.

We’ll couldn’t you set up a CSS server for free and take the textured from it’s VPKs? Same with taking textures from Gmod without buying it, just setup a server

I have CSS. The textures are for L4D2 and CSGO. But I did play a little bit of CSS. So I’m gonna try the grenades again.

No luck

Well it fixed itself. Like most of my problems do. I did delete those textures and I think that did it! Thanks guys!