TTT: I die instantly then map changes every time.

I tried to make it so I could spawn and go around the map as the only person there. Then I tried to make it so the map changes every 50 rounds. I tried it and I always instantly die and the round ends and the map changes every single time. I changed it back but it keeps happening!!!
Help please!!!


P.S: This is my own server that has worked fine since this changed.
P.S.S: What is the max number I can make the round limit? I’m only using one map.

ttt_debugpreventwin 1

I believe

It didn’t work. I die. The round prepares. Then the round ends.
If it helps I will put up the contents of my server.cfg file (minus the stuff you shouldn’t see)

ttt_preptime_seconds 5
ttt_firstpreptime 20
ttt_posttime_seconds 14
ttt_idle_limit 30
ttt_namechange_bantime 1
ttt_karma 0
ttt_credits_starting 2
ttt_det_credits_starting 2
ttt_detective_hats 1
ttt_postround_dm 1
ttt_debugpreventwin 1

ALSO!!! I only want to make the minimum amount of players 2 and round limit above 6. But it doesn’t work when I put it in server.cfg

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Actually I just had to put in

ttt_minimum_players 2
ttt_round_limit 12

And it worked!