TTT Improved Sweps - Recoil Control, Bouncy Grenades, Headshots and more!

I did not like the default TTT weapons.

I made some new TTT weapons.

Here u go:

Seriously though,

I was getting fed up with the default TTT sweps, and I was also getting annoyed at people who installed M9K onto their TTT servers, so I created this addon as a replacement for the default TTT weapons so that people didn’t have to be stuck with either end of the spectrum.

Hopefully this will make TTT less of a twitch shooter and more of a tactical shooter.

This change isn’t for everyone so consult your playerbase before installing.

Main Differences to the default TTT weapons:

  • All weapons have recoil (they kick upwards and tend to the right) and do not change your aim vector, they only change the player’s camera angle
  • Added AK-47 as a default TTT weapon
  • Added flash grenade as a T and D weapon
  • M-16 fires faster
  • Pistol fires slower
  • Deagle fires slower
  • Shotgun reloads slower
  • Shotgun deploys slower
  • Rifle is more accurate (less spread)
  • Glock is more accurate
  • You lose accuracy when moving. The faster you are moving, the lower your accuracy becomes. (this is referred to as “movement penalty” in the README)
  • Grenades have spherical hitboxes and bounce consistently when thrown consistently.
  • Knife is 1-hit (how it should be)
  • Ironsights are snappier and more consistent with your aim vector

Read the full list

Here’s some colorful images yay

feel free to ask me any questions here or report any bugs on github :slight_smile:


The blue spark effect is a separate addon I wrote which adds critical hits (similar to the behavior of random crits in TF2). Download it here:

thanks dude! gonna try these out