TTT in sandbox o.O (dont judge just read)

old information go to NEW information(if there is a way to rename thread let me know, (or just change it to “multiple gamemodes gamemode”)
==============OLD INFORMATION==============
i am currently working on a plugin for admin system called evolve, the goal of this plugin is to add TTT to a server optionally for players to join. this way if a player would rather build, then they can. or a player wants to ttt or another game-mode. i plan on making it so they can. right now its in early creation, all i have down is joining and leaving the game-mode, next up is the terrorist picker.

what do you think, good idea. cant believe you didn’t think of it. post your thoughts. i want to hear them

===========NEW information==================
not sure if i should just make a new thread for this, because the name is not accurate, BUT i have a way to do this now. its going to be a single map, hopefully custom made(yes that is a call for map makers, if you are a map maker please respond), its going to be a gamemode, players that just join are in a “dark rp” like gamemode, jobs buying guns selling guns ect with changes of course :smiley: and then when there are players who get bored, they go into ttt or other gamemodes that are built in, addons will add new gamemodes simular to the way evolve addons can add new commands nicely :smiley:

========simplified list/checklist========
begin writing gamemode
get custom map
make the darkrp section
hardcode ttt(for now, addon comes later)
add way for addons to make new gamemode types.

Already have this sort of system on the servers I help run, pretty sure other people will have it too.

As an evolve plugin in though? no would never have thought of it :v:

This sounds like an amazing idea, if done correctly. You could make a map with many different levels, one level for each gamemode. If you wanted to play a different one, you could just teleport to another level. It would end people having to wait for rounds to start after they die and such, making it more fun, more of the time.

I do think this would be best as its own addon/gamemode though, seems too complex for a plugin. Plus, as an addon/gamemode more people would be willing to use it because not everyone uses evolve.

This actually makes a lot of sense. I did the same thing with a DM game mode, but to a more simple degree. just ran the lua via evolve, which armed everyone with a random rifle, pistol, and shotgun, and stripped godmode

That’s an awesome idea and the fact that you are actually doing it is even better. I’d play that.

I’ve seen a server with something like this before. It was with four gamemodes, though. The problem was that the entire server would be clustered into one gamemode, and none of them wanted to move to the others and it pretty much became useless.

thanks to all your posts, and i hope i get more posts.

frag: i was not aware of simular systems, would you mind linking me so i can see how they do it.

cmdrMatthew: the map idea is pretty interesting, though if you see a custom map doesnt that seem kindof like a turnoff for you. im considering making it so i can set bounds on maps so it isnt map specific and people are restricted to those bounds, and maybe cant hurt eachother if not in same gamemode. also if you know or anyone else knows, can i somehow call the addon from a evolve plugin, so others can use there admin systems. i thought of it but didnt know how to do it.

balto: i wish it where that simple, i would be done by now. anyone know how i can track deaths better, so i can do the body search.

apollo2947: i dont like when people just request things like this, and also im tyring to get better at lua.

justGman: wow that is a very good point that i never thought of, but i have a solution now too. dark rp limits jobs so that everyone doesnt clump to doing the same job and they become useless, maybe i can incorperate some kind of system like that.

thank you all for your opinions, and i still am working on it. also i have a server and a website if you guys want to talk. though the website is html only and useless but the server ip is if you want to join, the name is build with the masters. 8 slots but next month i think we are upgrading.

Yeah, I like what you’re doing a lot better, it’s smoother and less clunky. I whipped mine out in a few hours because my server didn’t really need anything complex

I have an idea. Make it so you play sandbox and you make stuff on the map, like buildings, then you switch it into TTT mode and you play TTT on your map that you have made.

if i understand what you are trying to say, then thats already been suggested. someone has already suggested having multiple areas in your map, and as for muli maps on one server, thats imposible. anyway, im thinking it would be slightly annoying to make a custom map, i dislike custom maps for some things and for now i think this is one of the things i dislike them for. its pointless, freespace revolution already has areas that are good enough :smiley: at least for now.

I’ve got something. If it’s sandbox, why not let people build. Lets say Person 1 and 2 are building a city. People 3 and 4 decide they don’t want to build the city anymore, so they type !TTT
This switches them into TTT mode. They still play on the same map, and lets say if a TTT game is in session (TTT players > 2) then it would spawn a gun anywhere that is not near other peoples creations. This would avoid spawning guns inside peoples houses.

Also, if the map has points saved, it would detect that and add spawnpoints or guns in the right positions. For example, you create a file that puts the spawnpoints around the map and put preset weapons everywhere. This would make it to where mappers could combine multiple maps (ex: gm_construct and ttt_office) and would be able to place the TTT markers along with regular spawn points.

Also: when players > 2; then make it say “A TTT game is in session! Type !TTT to join”

Also: I’ve got at least 50+ ideas for TTT weapons and stuff. It’s really neat ideas that I’d be willing to share. Heck, you could even sell the finished product to big name servers if you want. Just add sakiskid on steam.

Of course, with every game mode there will always be abuse, I believe. Things I can think of:

  1. Switching gamemodes to avoid situations in TTT.
  2. Abuse of buildings.

Also, is it even possible to make some players immune to ebing killed by some, but not by others?

Like if 6 people were in TTT and 2 were in Sandbox, couldn’t the sandbox ones just shoot the TTT people?

Hmm. I thought about this. The server would probably also need FPP in addition to this mod. When a player enters TTT mode they will not be able to take damage from players in sandbox mode. With the abuse of buildings? The only thing I can think of is banning the player or putting the player in a group that wouldn’t allow them to play !TTT or let !TTT players interact with their props.

Switching gamemodes to avoid situations:
OPTION 1: to not let players exit out of the current round until it’s over.
OPTION 2: Players can’t exit within a minute of attacking or being attacked.

ALSO: Option to let sandbox players chat with TTT players.

Could try and phase the map for TTT/Sandbox players.

The guy who did the localized physicals on props was supposed to be working on something like that.

The idea is a never ending map, but the same method could be used as a sort of phasing engine. So you could have 3-4 gamemodes all in 1 server with phased maps.

“phasing” the map is an interesting idea, there is no way im near that level of programming yet, but it is still a interesting idea that i hope someone decides to check out.

A simpler version would be overriding drawing and physics for everything players can spawn to allow only members of the gamemode they’re there for interact with or see them.

i have already thought of this and its in planning :smiley:

That’s effectively what phasing is…