TTT Increase innocents chance of becoming T

Hey there, i am completely stumped, i can’t even think of where to begin, i’m sorry if this is kind of leeching or something, i normally dont just ask for straight up code
But i have no leads or where to start,
How can i make it that so if you are say innocent twice in a row, your turn of being t increases, and when that person becomes t, it resets to normal chance

I am really stuck here, and help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much

Even just a lua file to start from or something, i just need some lead to where to start here

Look for in init.lua

GAMEMODE.LastRole[ply:UniqueID()] = ply:GetRole()

It stores last roles. You could expand on that and store for each round until map changes, then weight the random role ( which TTT does do somewhat of already if I recall correctly ) to make it harder and harder to become traitor 2 or more times in a row.

Okay thank you so much! :slight_smile:
I won’t set it to solved yet cause, i may want to post the code for others or maybe someone wants to help, ect