TTT Innocent chat

Idk if this is a known problem or not, but ever since the Gmod update innocent players can use the team chat, which is pretty much a foolproof T tester, and is kinda breaking the game.
I wanted to create a temporary fix that’ll just not send team chat messages if the player is innocent.
I’m pretty bad at researching so sorry if this is simple, but how would I go about checking if the message was sent to team chat?
I have this (pretty much everything else)

function chatCommand( ply, text, public )
	if ply:ROLE == ROLE_INNOCENT and --[[Check if it's in team chat]]
		return("") -- Hide it from chat.

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "chatCommand", chatCommand )

cough github
(Its probably already fixed)

That defeats the purpose. I made it so that innocent team chat would redirect to main chat; the reason you see the team tag is because an addon is doing it.

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That code wouldn’t even work either, lol. ply:ROLE doesn’t exist.

Oh, ok.
Sorry for the needless thread then.