TTT - Innocent detective menu

Hi would it be possible to make it so innocents have a context menu like the detectives or traitors?


how would this be done, or has someone done this o.O

I imagine it would be almost an exact duplicate of the Traitor or Detective methods, with the addition of C bringing up the menu for innocents and a new variable for CanBuy. However, the reason that something like this is not done is because it removes a lot of balance from the game and would be incredibly hard to get right. It’s a bad idea imo but it’s your server so do it if you want.

Yeah, just find the chunks of code that relate to the C menu for traitors and detectives, alter it to your liking. I would avoid modifying the actual gamemode though, sometimes files get replaced on gmod updates.

Has anyone done this before? Or am i a first xD

You might perhaps be the first this year to ask, but I’ve seen many people on Scriptfodder pay for this exact idea. The reason no one has published a version of it is because it doesn’t really work.

I could probably make it but I see no point, seems too over complicated for not enough benefit.