• Notice this is being worked on in my free time after work, so I only have a little time to work on stuff besides on days off / on the weekends. I know It’s not much at all but hopefully me and a couple friends plan on making a TTT game mode when we get our hands on S&box as we love TTT. I started porting this a couple days ago and haven’t worked on it since but this will be my thread showing off the WIP and things I add / change, Plan on adding a couple new areas to this map give me some suggestions you would like to see. Like I said its nothing special but I will update you guys! Thanks for checking it out.


I think they can go either way, but any traitor tester that doesn’t have it’s limits ruins the game. Good limits for traitor testers are:

  • Limited Uses so you can’t spam it to test everyone
  • Requiring a resource to test each player (such as the blood-samples needed for each individual test on ttt_thething)
  • Ability to be sabotaged by the traitors (Traitors can insert bombs in ttt_thethings tester, and it will kill the person who gets tested, or on ttt_concentration, the room where the tester is at is an incinerator that can be triggered by the traitors)
  • Requiring multiple players to test (as seen on ttt_alt_borders, if all three players being tested are innocent, it shows up as innocent, if all three players being tested are traitors, it will show up as innocent, if one or two players are a traitor, it shows up as a traitor among them. It doesn’t specify which player is innocent and which is a traitor, and it has limited uses, so you have to use it very wisely, but it definitely works well).
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Just make sure to put effort into making it different, the innocent motel from gmod sucked deep down, we just over played it so it stayed in the loop. I think if you model it as close as you can but get creative with T traps and expand into new areas itd be a favorite. Ouside on rooftop sucked in the original so you could make it super fun up there. Especially if you can push people off. What assets are you using btw? Also its been a while whats the update? :cactus:

I hate this map in gmod because your fellow traitor can ruin everything when he opens traitor room for innocents. If you make traitor room unaccessible for innocents, it would be much better