TTT Invisibility Item/Mod

[HR][/HR]Hi all,

I’m looking for a mod that will achieve the following:

Add an invisibility item or some variation of to the traitor shop or;

Add it to the Points shop as “1 Round” use item.

Any ideas/links?

Any time i google Garys Mod TTT Invisibility mod or some variation i just get people crying about invisible models etc.


(User was banned for this post ("wrong section" - postal))

This would be fairly simple to achieve. If you can find an invisible model either on here or the Workshop, you can then manually add a PS item that is only valid 1 round and that sets your model to the invisible model.

Try instead searching for something like ‘invisible garrysmod model’

Admittedly you might still get lots of crying preteens moaning about how they could make a better game than garry but I think that way you’re more likely to get the result you’re after and then you can also say you made it yourself!

Any idea how to make it only valid for one round ?

This looks good to me i will have to test when i’m at home later.