TTT is an old version

The version of TTT shipped with Gmod is version 2, however on the official TTT site the latest is version 5.

Wow cool.

Servers I’ve been playing on are still using 2 or 2.5 or something.

Would anyone mind telling me what TTT is?

Trouble in Terrorist town

Oh, I was not expecting a gamemod or that would have een more obvious.

Could the materials and models be packed with the dogfight mode too?
(Also, when I die, I get stuck in a rotating view of my dead body. I assume it’s just bad coding on gamemodes, as it’s happened to me before)

TTT is awesome, in any case.

TTT comes with garrysmod?

It does. Updated in some time back. Won the gamemode competition.

TTT gets updated almost daily, i don’t understand how it can be included with Garry’s Mod when it won’t get updated as much.

I have no idea whats going on 'cause the server I play on currently uses Version 7 of TTT.