TTT is it me or is it just pure BS?

So today I tried TTT on some server called the sG server.

After playing a couple hours, I’ve found myself randomly killed by detectives and fellow innocent,

getting given away by fellow traitors, and getting propkilled. Is it me or is this game mode pure bullshit

Its the server. No duh sherlock holmes.

How is TTT Blue Spaghetti? It’s a game, not a food.

Anyways, I agree with Magistiko, that server sounds horrible.

Are you talking about Steam Gamers? That server is great. Fellow traitors never give you away unless it is planned ahead and detectives only kill you if you are being a dumb ass and randomly shooting.

It’s the server.

[sp]The only good TTT server is the LUE server.[/sp]

There are quite a few other good servers out there. For example Mogz and ConvictGaming.

Yes, the server SUCKS. The VIPS can do what ever they want. And RDM is very common.
Also, about every person that plays there is a troll and will pay silver people to kill and ID your body.

Never really bothered with TTT, so I can’t voice my opinion towards it.
I’ll probably check out the LUE server, though.

All in the server, and you’ll be way on your way to barrels of fun.

Ya it’s like most gamemodes the server needs a good player and admin base to be any fun.

Yeah, many servers aren’t very good, Chiefeh’s is pretty fun.

Conjoint gaming is also a good server. An admin is usually always on.

The game mode is flawed in its base concept, no matter what team you’re on you can just kill everyone and win. Another problem is that most servers insist you have proof as an innocent before you kill someone you think is a traitor, and they will ban you even though the person you kill is a traitor, it’s like servers forces you to be stupid and go by the book like a cop would… But we’re not cops, we’re terrorists?

it is the server.

sG is an awful clan, awful community and awful servers.

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Play on a decent server like StonedPotatoes

It’s fairly new but it’s getting there, tonnes of respectable admins so just use the regular report features and they’ll help you out ASAP. Fairly unserious but they don’t take any bullshit.

The whole point of the gamemode is that it isn’t a full frontal deathmatch. If you kill someone randomly, whether or not they are a traitor, it’s still rdm, which some servers will ban you for. If you don’t like that, play a different gamemode.

I used to frequent the Altered Gaming server. It was fun.

I play on NOVs server or Altered Gaming sometimes. Rarely have problems. Admins are fair.

If you just kill everyone every round regardless of whether or not you’re an innocent or a traitor, you lose karma (If it drops below 400 you get automatically permabanned by the server. It’s 600 on some servers, I believe.)